Our search engine marketing can provide an effective method of driving highly targeted visitors to your web site. SEO CONSULTING KENYA is a search engine marketing firm that develops, implements and manages organic search engine optimization campaigns. We offer search engine marketing services to help you exceed your online marketing goals and achieve the highest possible online marketing ROI:

Any successful marketing strategy is an understanding of your customers and their needs. The ability to satisfy your customers’ needs better than your competitors are able to help you build customer loyalty and increase sales. Increase your organization’s online presence using our complete search engine marketing suite of services. We position your site to attract your ideal client.

Our strategic web site marketing brings in, not just web traffic, but optimum profit. Over 350 MILLION searches will be done on Google and other search engines today. $3,700,000,000,000 (TRILLION!) in business will be placed this year on the internet. Let us help you get your share! We provide four main SEO Marketing services and this page explains them in more detail.

PPC (PAY PER CLICK) – We have extensive experience in getting you the highest level of traffic for the least amount of money using Google Adwords and other PPC programs.

We can manage small or large accounts for you and offload the work from you so you can go about making more money in other areas. Anyone can throw in some words into a PPC program. It takes a lot of fine tuning to maximize your PPC. We can help you setup conversion tracking pages as well. All of our PPC services are on an hourly basis.


PRESS RELEASES -We have built a very good relationship with several press release agencies to get word out on the internet about your business. This is a very affordable SEO service that provides a large amount of visibility for your website as well as a lot of in-bound links. We highly recommend releasing at least one press release every 6 months. The catch to the press release is in how it is writen. This is where our experience comes into play. We have professional writers and editors on staff you can make sure your press release has the best chance to be picked up by wire services, journalists and free lance sites. Trying to write your own press release is best done only if you have prior experience.


ARTICLE WRITING AND DISTRIBUTION -The other major factor is you need to have some bit of news that is news worthy, but we can work with you to come up with that even if you really do not have a lot to say,SEO Marketing without content does you no good and this SEO Service is one we highly recommend. What is Article and/or Content Writing? Article Writing is where we have one of our staff, a ghost writer, create articles that are unique content and owned 100% by you. We highly encourage you to add these articles to your website. These articles are search engine optimized for particular keywords as well to drive more traffic to your site. The second part of article writing is the distribution of your article to clearing houses / distribution centers.

How does this help you?

By providing your article for free to other website owners, they are obligated to provide a link back to your website (since you are the author) as attribute for publication rights of your article. This in turn provides more in-bound one way links to your site! In addition, these links are surrounded by highly targeted content that is geared towards your business. Our average article length is 300-500 words, but we can make it longer if you so desire. If you have your own articles already written, we can help you by doing your distribution. Content Writing – Some of our clients prefer to keep the content unique to their site.

We can certainly understand this and thus we provide a service to write specific website content. The only difference between article writing and content writing is we will look to make the content fit in naturally with the rest of your website and provide inter-linking in the content to other parts of your website. Content writing is usually longer in length with our recommend of 800-1000 words per page.


SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Our Social Media Team has the tested experience, the relationships, and the community to develop a social media campaign that is focused on ROI. The bottom line is that we’re here to help you drive more traffic, increase sales, build a strong brand, and generate a community for your company by utilizing social media marketing.


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